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Tel. +82 1566-8575


Welcome to Seoulseed website

Started a Cosmetics Sales Business

1989—Established a cosmetics sales company
1991—Established a company specialized in skincare
1993—Done researches on cosmetics manufacturing processes and clinical researches related to skin

         — Done researches on manufacturing processes of quasi-drugs and clinical researches on bacteria in the mouth
2012—Developed EOVP, an enzyme(for oral use)
2013—Developed EOVP II, an enzyme(for skin)
2014—Obtained a permission to manufacture and sell cosmetics
          Launched products called V Design and Healtox(for face and body/for professionals)
2015— Launched t/T oil and t/T cream(for face and body/for professionals)

Obtained a Permission to Manufacture and Sell Quasi-Drugs and Cosmetics
(+ Established a Corporation)

2019— Obtained a permission to manufacture and sell quasi-drugs and cosmetics(+established a corporation)
2020-- Became ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified
Launched the “Seoul Seed Toothpaste”